High Jump Bandit, 07-02-14
High Jump Bandit, 07-02-14
High Jump Bandit, 07-02-14
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Date: 2014-07-02
Location: Mid First Bank
Address: 787 E. Elliot Road
City: Tempe
State: Arizona
Description: White male, 40-45, 5’11”- 6’04”, 180-190 lbs, long sleeve shirt, jeans, neon green reflective vest, floppy hat
Narrative: On 07/02/2014 at approximately 1355 hours, the suspect entered the captioned bank, approached the victim teller and verbally demanded money. The suspect placed a red folding knife, unopened, on the counter as he was making the demands. He also demanded money from a second teller. Both tellers complied and gave the suspect a known amount of currency. The suspect fled the bank, last seen eastbound away from the area.
Contact: FBI 623-466-1999
Weapon Shown: No

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