Bucket List Bandit
Bucket List Bandit
Bucket List Bandit
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Date: 2012-06-27
Location: JP Morgan Chase Bank
Address: 1484 S. Milton Road
City: Flagstaff
State: Arizona
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Unknown
Height: 5’ 9"   to  6’ 1"
Description: White male in his mid-fifties, thin build, short, thinning gray hair approximately two inches in length. Facial hair is described as shaggy and thin facial but not a complete, full beard. Also wore wire framed glasses. Has been known to use a black portifolio-style binder during various robberies.
Narrative: Subject entered Chase Bank while the bank was moderately busy. After approaching the teller window, the bank robber presented a demand note from the black binder to the teller, requesting $4500.00 and not to push any buttons. After receiving U.S. currency, the bank robber requested the bank teller return the demand note to him. The bank robber left on foot.
Contact: Captured
Weapon Shown: No

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