Tucson, Arizona, 12/21/2010
Tucson, Arizona, 12/21/2010
Tucson, Arizona, 12/21/2010
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Date: 2010-12-22
Location: Washington Federal
Address: 8675 East Broadway
City: Tucson
State: AZ
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Unknown
Height: 5’ 11"   to  6’ 1"
Description: White Male in his late 40's early 50's, approximately 5'11" to 6'0" tall, heavy set, wearing a white baseball cap with a duck on the front, dark sunglasses, a faded maroon long sleeve t-shirt and khaki pants.
Narrative: Suspect walked in the finacial institution and demanded money verbally. The money was placed into a white with red lettering grocery bag. The suspect fled the bank on foot headed west.
Weapon Shown: No
Notes: The robber gestured, implying he had a weapon with him.

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